Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Open Letter to UnVaccinated


OK, Reality Check: 

If you are among those still not vaccinated, even with the Delta variant and others that may follow, I get it. Let’s see:

1. You don’t need a vaccine because you’re young and healthy. or

2. The vaccine is a hoax. or

3. You’re a FREE AMERICAN, or

4. You might have a reaction and would rather die than be sick again for a day or two, or

5. Any number of other reasons including fear of micro-sized tracking devices being injected, race-based birth control, Big Pharma conspiracies, etc.

I won’t waste time with any arguments against those reasons because, like religion, aberrant phobias, and political dogmas, no facts or science or argument will change your mind.

You win, I give up. You know best.

That said, please make contingency plans just in case you’re wrong. Make sure you have a completed Will and Power of Attorney just in case you’re mistaken. Detail and designate who should care for your children just in case you’re not smarter than your Doctor. Put all the photos you’d like shared at your memorial on a thumb drive to spare your spouse or relatives that chore just in case you trusted someone who gave you bad information. Write a letter to your child/children for them to read when they’re older to help them understand why you left them alone, and who they should turn to for advice about life, love, honor and commitment because you’ve left them. 

Those you leave behind will be grateful for your pre-planning efforts that will help heal the emotional wounds you leave behind for your family.

If you’re still unvaccinated, please pass this on because, as we all know, none of this really applies to you, right?


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