Thursday, August 23, 2018


"10-24: A Firefighter Looks Back" goes missing.

   For some reason this last month, CreateSpace and Amazons’ finely oiled machine goofed up — for reasons unknown to me, and without notification — and I learned a month or so of no book sales was the result of some “computer glitch” which removed my book for any listings, and placed it back in a production process awaiting my review and action. This had already been done back in 2013, but for some reason needed another round of approvals and OK’s before re-listing.  After some grumbling and clicking a few appropriate check boxes, my book is available again, just like it had been for nearly 5 blanking years already.

   Since I’ve never been responsible for a “single solitary glitch, mistake, error or slight oversight of any kind in my entire life” (wink-wink) I decided to be generous and not make a big deal and continue to feel CreateSpace and Amazon do a great job.  

  “10-24: A Firefighter Looks Back” is back and available again, in both paperback and Kindle versions. Sorry if you clicked on one of several reference links I have active and came up dry. Some links below that offer a path to the book:

www.ornberg-com - Personal website